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As a family-owned and operated business, All Over Carpet Cleaning is committed to delivering the highest standards of commercial carpet cleaning at affordable rates. We operate a customer-focused business, delivering professional carpet cleaning.

All Over Carpet Cleaning offers a range of commercial cleaning packages and tailored solutions to suit your specific needs.

Our team is friendly, professional and reliable. We assign technicians who are trained and fully insured. The cleaning equipment, and our cleaning products are 100% non-toxic. This helps us ensure our clients always receive a top quality clean, value for money, and peace of mind when they call on us.

All Over Carpet Cleaning can support your need for domestic cleaning, if you have a busy lifestyle. Among our variety of residential carpet cleaning services offered, we are also able to support residential clients with car carpet cleaning, curtain steam cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services as well.

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is a process by which a pre-treatment solution is applied to the carpet and allowed to dwell for some time thereby emulsifying the dirt, grime and foreign matter in your carpet.

Upholstery Cleaning

All Over Carpet Cleaners are a well known and respected upholstery cleaning specialists who use the “HOT water extraction” method which will remove more stains, body oils and ground-in dirt.

Rug Cleaning

If your rugs are looking tired and dull, then as a rug cleaning specialist All Over Carpet Cleaners can help. We have many years of experience in steam cleaning rugs of all styles and types.

Stain Removal

Today’s modern household is a busy mix of work, play and party and inevitably accidents can and will happen. Whether it be lipstick that your four year old son created a master piece on your lounge room carpet.

Mattress Cleaning

When you go to sleep at night, the last thing that you probably worry about is your mattress. If you have fresh linens, you probably feel that your bed is clean. But what if your mattress is full of dirt, dust and mites?

Commercial Carpet

They are usually made from tightly woven fibres that make it durable so that it can last longer. This helps them stand up to all the wear that they receive, but it also makes them more vulnerable to dust, dirt and pollutants.


So by regular carpet steam cleaning you will have a healthy, fresh and new looking carpet for longer and be the envy of your friends and family!

About Us

At All Over Carpet Cleaning, we pledge to make your carpets spotless and refreshed in less than an hour. Whether your carpet has become discolored, pet-stained or vulnerable to mold attack, we offer an unmatched treatment that will restore the delicate carpet fibers to their original glory as much as possible.

Tired of fighting pet stains? Among many other carpet chores, dealing with pet stains and pet dander becomes a nightmare to the majority of households. At All Over Carpet Cleaning, our highly specialized carpet steam cleaners can eliminate pet stains and pet urine stains to make your carpet fibers fluffier and more hygienic than before.

Besides carpet cleaning, we have vast experience in upholstery steam cleaning and furniture polishing too. We treat all kinds of upholstery, be it leather, fabric or synthetic to give you a living environment that’s nothing but the best. Our professional cleaning equipment can absorb even the tiniest of dust mites from your sofa so it’s free of germs and harmful bacteria.

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    We at All Over Carpet Cleaners believe that healthy homes starts with clean carpet and that’s why we use the “HOT water extraction” method because it will remove more dirt, stains and foreign matter than any other cleaning system.

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